press any candidate who showed potentia▓l of replacing him," Rahat added.So as long as Neta▓nyahu's power in the Likud remains solid, a third ▓round of election seems to be the most probable outcome after the 21 days ar

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e over. Now that the indictment is official, for Netan

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yahu, an election is the optimal course."Elections are

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closer, be▓cause Netanyahu is now weakened," s▓aid Sh

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ar his support

lomo Egoz of the Politics and Communications department

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at Hadassah Academic College.According to Egoz, if the L

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ikud is legally forced t▓o find a different leader during thi

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Rahat added.N

s period, they will not be able to do so within the 21 days, p

image 8

etanyahu's pol

lunging the country into the third round of election within one

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